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A strong structural adhesive formulated for bonding similar and dissimilar materials as well as unprepared metals. Dries black. Resists weathering, high humidity and temperature variations. Minimal surface preparation required. Cured adhesive can be drilled, sanded and painted. The Flow-Mix® nozzle automatically mixes the hardener and resin together.

DUCO® Cement is the most popular multi-purpose household glue. DUCO® is easy to apply, dries fast and is dishwasher safe. Available in many application sizes.

Stronger than epoxy, Plastic Welder™ is a high strength, bonding system that bonds plastic to plastic, plastic to metal, and metals to metals. The thick formula is water resistant, easy to mix and perfect for filling gaps and voids.

H2 Hold® is a super flexible, toughened, non-corrosive epoxy specially formulated for both wet and dry bonding. Cures underwater! Use it to make repairs on autos, boats, pools, toys and more.

Devcon®home Flow-Mix® epoxies are state-of-the-art applicators that automatically mix the resin and hardener during application, eliminating hand mixing and messy clean-up. Each 14ml Flow-Mix® syringe comes with two nozzles. Available in 60 Second, 5 Minute®, 2 Ton® and Cold Weld epoxies.


For over 50 years, ITW Devcon® has been developing industrial grade O.E.M. and M.R.O. products with Plastic Steel® as its first introduction. Since then, ITW Devcon® has developed many well-known O.E.M. and M.R.O. products including 5 Minute®, 2 Ton® and Plastic Welder™ to name a few.

Because we understand that DIY consumers want to take on projects themselves and get the job done right, Devcon®home makes available to consumers the same professional, industrial grade adhesives by providing small consumer-size packaging in many easy-to-use applications.  When high quality, professional strength adhesives are required, choose Devcon®home. 

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For over 50 years, Devcon has offered professional strength epoxy and adhesives. Some popular products include Plastic Welder, Plastic Steel and 5 Minute epoxies.