Bottle Cap Necklace

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This neat jewelry making project is perfect for recycling old bottle caps into a fun cap pendant for a necklace. All you need is a metal bottle cap, necklace chain and ring, pliers, a drill with small drill bit, any knick-knacks to be placed in cap and Devcon®home 5 Minute® Epoxy.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Clean the metal bottle cap thoroughly.
  2. Use the drill to drill a small hole through the outside ridge of the cap. Be careful not to make a big hole.
  3. Place one small jump ring through the hole in cap and tighten it.  Use another small jump ring and put it through the first one.  This is because the first ring will not move one once the resin is set in place.
  4. Choose the trinket(s) that will be placed in the bottle cap.
  5. Mix the 5 Minute® Epoxy according to the instructions on package.
  6. Place a shallow layer of mixed epoxy into the empty cap and let it begin to harden.
  7. Place the trinket(s) into the cap on top of the first layer of epoxy.
  8. Fill the rest of the cap up with epoxy and make sure to get it to all of the edges without bubbles.
  9. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes to give time for epoxy to harden.
  10. Attach the chain to the jump ring and your necklace is ready to wear.



  • Use magazine clippings, colored paper or fabric to make a patterns or use as a background in bottle cap.  Cut out a small circles that will fit right into the cap.
  • When applying the 5 Minute® Epoxy, use a popsicle stick or mixing stick enclosed to scoop small amounts of epoxy into bottle cap.