Hole in Muffler or Tailpipe

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A visual inspection of the exhaust system will usually reveal any obvious problems like holes in the muffler and cracked or damaged pipes. Because carbon monoxide gas can be lethal, exhaust leaks should never be ignored and repairs should be made immediately. VersaChem® Heavy Duty Tiger Patch® Muffler or Tailpipe Instant Repair Kit is a simple wrap-a-round fiberglass material that will create a long lasting repair.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Clean area to be repaired thoroughly. If outside temperature is below 70°F, preheat by running motor until metal is quite warm to the touch. When temperature is over 70°F, preheating is not necessary.
  2. Remove and discard brown paper from product wrap.
  3. Peel off and discard red plastic backing from both sides of product.
  4. Start wrapping Tiger Patch® firmly around damaged area with 1” overlaps to give double layer. For initial support, wrap metal wire or string tightly around both ends and center of repair. This will hold the product in place until it forms to the shape of the muffler or tailpipe.
  5. Idle motor or drive vehicle for 20 minutes. If a string was used for support while product set, remove string. If metal wire was used, it may remain in place.



  • For additional reinforcement, place a piece of aluminum over the hole before the wrap is applied.
  • This item is available in a 2” x 36” long strip (#00270 and 00245) or in a 3” x 44” long strip (#00340).