Leaking PVC Pipe

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Have a leak to fix? While PVC is lightweight, non-corrosive and highly durable, it is not invincible to springing leaks.  Leaks typically occur at pipe connections and it sometimes quite difficult to temporarily stop the leak in order to do the repair.  With the Devcon®home Marine & Plastic Putty Epoxy stick, it is possible to make the repair while the PVC pipe is still leaking.   The Marine & Plastic Putty does not shrink, is rust-proof and cures underwater. 

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. With a dry towel, wipe area of the pipe where the leak is occuring.  When the leak starts again, identify the point at which the water is escaping.
  2. Dry the area again.  With an 80-grit sandpaper, slightly roughen the surface to be repaired.
  3. Cut a 1" thick piece of the Magnum Putty Epoxy and work the putty in your hands until soft and pliable.  Be sure to wear protective gloves.
  4. Dry the area again.
  5. Press the putty firmly around the leaking area extending it at least 1" around the leak.
  6. Epoxy putty will fully cure in about an hour.



  • For leaks at seams, make sure to press putty firmly into the seams around fitting.  For best results, add putty to the remaining exposed seam.