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Engineered for import engines and designed to be used on domestic engines as well, Mega Grey Silicone is a high performance, moisture curing, gasketing material that cures into a strong silicone rubber that maintains long term durability and flexibility. Low Odor, Low Volatile, Non-Corrosive and Sensor Safe.

It's the original Tiger Patch® Muffler and Tailpipe Repair Tape! No tools are required for this convenient, easy to use wrap-around tape. It will permanently seal itself in just 20 minutes. Mechanic approved, Tiger Patch® heat seals itself becoming a permanent part of your muffler or tail pipe.

VersaChem® Rear View Mirror is a two-part, easy-to-use adhesive that will permanently reattach your rear view mirror to the windshield. Ideal for bonding any metal to glass. Remount your mirror to bracket in 30 minutes or less!

VersaChem® Stud and Bearing Formula is a high strength, self-curing, anaerobic thread locker that will secure bearings in place, lock and seal studs. Make assemblies vibration-proof and seal threads against corrosion with the Stud and Bearing Formula.

#1 Selling Plastic Welder™ is specially formulated for excellent bonding of dissimilar materials, as well as unprepared metals, hard plastics, concrete and more. Perfect for applications that require resistance to weathering, humidity and wide temperature variations.


For over 35 years, VersaChem® has provided consumers with advanced adhesive, sealing, and automotive repair solutions.  A leader in its category, VersaChem® offers professional-grade formulations in affordable sized packages with frustration-free applications in the form of self-mixing syringes, dispensing tubes, control nozzles, spray cans, cartridges, sticks and all-inclusive repair kits. 

Some VersaChem® well-known products include 5 Minute®, 60 Second®, Plastic Welder™, Tiger Patch®, and MEGA Grey.

VersaChem Products
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VersaChem offers car maintenance and repair solutions including epoxies, muffler reapir, gasket makers and silicones. Well known MEGA grey, Tiger Patch, Plastic Welder and 5 Minute epoxy.