Copper Spray Gasket Adhesive

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Copper Spray is a fast drying sealant that contains copper to help dissipate heat to prevent gasket blowout.  Fills surface imperfections.  Remains tacky to allow for gasket repositioning. 

  • Works Best On: Exhaust manifolds, carburetors, gaskets, cylinder head gaskets, turbo charges, flanged surfaces 
  • Highly flammable (product is an aerosol, contents under pressure)
  • Color:  Metallic Copper
  • Cure Time:  up to 24 Hours
  • Temperature Range:  -50˚F to 525˚F
  • Chemical Solvent Resistant to gasoline and most automotive fluids
  • Part No.:  88898
  • Package:  9 oz. (255 g) aerosol
  • Units Per Case:  12