Exhaust Bandage Kit - High Heat

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The Exhaust Bandage repair is a complete kit that comes with a refractory strip bandage and epoxy for permanent weld-like repairs.  Seals out poisonous fumes.  Can be molded into seams, cracks and small holes.  Resistant to high temperature corrosive exhaust gases.  Use it on automobiles, trucks, tractors and farm equipment.  Easy to apply.  Saves the cost of expensive tailpipe, manifold or exhaust system replacement.  

  • Works Best On:  Mufflers, tailpipes, resonator pipe, exhaust, manifolds, connectors, crossover pipes 
  • Cure Time:  up to 24 Hours (or engine may be idled for 10 minutes so that the repair is cured by the exhaust heat).
  • Temperature Range:  500°F (do not use or store product below 30°F)
  • Chemical Resistant to automotive fluids including gas, oil and road salt
  • Withstands Catalytic Converter heat
  • Part No.:  10151
  • Package:  3 item kit, carded
  • Units Per Case:  12
  • For better adhesion, brush, sand or scrape loose dirt and rust from repair area.  Area to be repaired should then be moistened with wet rag or sponge.   
  • You can use the blister which the product was packaged as a tray if you don't want to put the bandage in pouch.  Pour epoxy mixture into the blister tray and soak bandage.
  • Bandage must be thoroughly saturated or it will not cure properly.

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