Fiberglass Repair Kit

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The Fiberglass Repair Kit is ideal for patching holes, cracks and tears on fiberglass.  Repairs holes up to 1" in diameter and cracks up to 5" in diameter.  Use it to make repairs on campers, boats, RVs and more.   

  • Works Best On: Fiberglass
  • Tensile Strength:  1500 psi
  • Color:  Clear
  • Water Resistant
  • Set Time:  8-10 Minutes
  • Cure Time:  1 Hour
  • Temperature Range:  40˚F to 200˚F 
  • Part No.:  90230
  • Package:  30g kit
  • Units Per Case:  6 
  • Have the repair ready before mixing the hardener and resin together, so that you can begin repair as soon as the pouch contents are thoroughly mixed.
  • Heat is generated while the epoxy mixture cures.