Magnum Plastic/Marine Epoxy

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Magnum Plastic/Marine Epoxy is a fast-curing, two-part epoxy putty stick that permanently repairs leaks, holes and cracks in metal, fiberglass, wood, concrete and more.  Rustproof.  Cures underwater.  Does not shrink and is a non-yellowing formula. 

  • Works Best On: PVC, Fiberglass, Metal, Copper, Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Iron, Concrete, Wood, Ceramic
  • Tensile Strength:  1500 psi
  • Color:  Off-White
  • Waterproof
  • Handling Time:  2-3 Minutes
  • Set Time:  3-4 Minutes
  • Cure Time:  24 Hours
  • Temperature Range:  Dry 200°F; Wet 125°F
  • Part No.:  44229
  • Package:  2 oz. (57 g) epoxy stick, carded
  • Units Per Case:  12 
  • Simply cut off the amount required for your application; knead until the product is a uniform color and apply to your repair.
  • Molds to any surface.
  • Can be sanded, machined, tapped, drilled and painted when fully cured.
  • Heat is generated when the epoxy mixture cures, the more the putty is mixed together, the more heat that is generated causing the epoxy mixture to cure faster.
  • Only mix the amount of putty together that can be used within the handling time.
  • For a smooth appearance, hand-rub with water or damp cloth the cured epoxy prior to hardening.