Muffler-Cast® Bandage Kit

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Muffler-Cast® Bandage Kit comes complete with activator for repairs on mufflers, resonators, tailpipes and more. Resists the high heat of all exhaust systems and catalytic converters. Bonds to all metal surfaces and can be molded into cracks and seams. The bandage comes in an extra larger size perfect for heavy duty repairs on trucks, tractors, farm equipment and automobiles.

  • Works Best On: Muffler, Resonator, Tailpipe and other exhaust system components 
  • Color:  White
  • Set Time:  1 Hour
  • Cure Time:  24 Hours
  • Temperature Resistance:  350˚F 
  • Part No.:  10155
  • Package:  324 sq. in. Tape and 4 fl.oz. Activator (118.3ml); carded 
  • The exhaust system should be cold before repair is started. 
  • For a better repair, clean all surfaces of grease, oil, paint, rust, dust etc.   
  • If the product separates during shippping, gently knead the tube (with cap on) to mix as as the liquid is the hardening agent.