Rear View Mirror Adhesive Repair Kit

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The Rear View Mirror repair kit comes complete with a two-part adhesive that forms a permanent bond of metal mirror buttons to windshields in seconds.   

  • Works Best On: Metal mirror buttons 
  • Color:  Clear
  • Tensile Strength:  2500 psi
  • Water Resistant
  • Set Time:  30 Minutes
  • Cure Time:  30 Minutes
  • Temperature Range:  -60°F to 200°F
  • Complete Kit includes adhesive, sandpaper, mixing sticks and alcohol pad 
  • Part No.: 00534
  • Package:  2 gr kit 
  • Units Per Case:  12
  • For best results, allow button to dry a few hours or overnight before placing mirror on button. 
  • Area should be clean and free from dirt and oil.  Even the tiniest dust particle or the oils from a fingerprint could cause the adhesive not to bond properly.

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